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Connected to the Internet

With AutoBox you can connect up to 8 WiFi devices simultaneously and share the connection. AutoBox comes with a SIM card from 200MB rechargeable data. AutoBox is not SIM locked so you can insert your own SIM card.

Services for the car

Focused on use in the car, AutoBox's portal provides useful services for all types of trips, professional or private.

We find for example

  • Navigation
  • Traffic info
  • Video streaming solution

Travel in first class

Being a passenger in a car with AutoBox is a first class experience with internet access and an entertainment service as travelling on plane.




Find a location and view the map, route, and turn-by-turn navigation.

GPS Screen


Real time traffic information on your surroundings

Traffic screen


Identify risk areas, service stations, parking lots and garages around you.

Fuel screen


To find out exactly where you are and share your coordinates with a relative or the emergencies

Position screen

Weather forecast

Real-time weather information around you, it will help you avoid the snow this winter areas.

Weather forecast screen

POI search

Find a hairdresser, an ATM or a pharmacy around you in one click and get a detailed data sheet.

POI screen


Search, select and book a restaurant according to your criteria in a few clicks.

Restaurants screen


To find where to sleep and quickly choose a hotel, you can use the services of our partners.

Hotels screen


Video, music, news ... a complete program to shorten time as a passenger.

News screen
Works on any browser
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Easy to install anywhere in the car or at home

A cigarette lighter adapter allows you to connect AutoBox easily in your car.
An optional wall adapter allows you to connect AutoBox anywhere at home or at a hotel.
An optional battery pack to take your AutoBox anywhere

In addition, its classic USB connector allows you to connect your AutoBox to any USB port for power

A wireless router for the car

the AutoBox router is a pocket WiFi hotspot easy to use and effective to access the Internet via the cellular network on the car. It can accommodate up to 8 devices connected simultaneously. Passengers can surf the Internet via their tablets, iPad, gaming consoles, smartphones, PCs, e-readers, ..., and access all their media on the web (movies, music, games, TV) or their social networks during the route.

AutoBox automatically selects the best available network (mobile or Wi-Fi) and automatically switches between the mobile network and WiFi to always offer the best performance. It is not a simple 3G dongle which allows only one connection at a time and is not comparable to a shared connection via smartphone that also has many disadvantages (no streaming content, high impact on the battery consumption of the smartphone, subscription billing often very expensive operator (free roaming), slower than AutoBox access).

To function, a data SIM card must be inserted into the device. AutoBox comes with a 200MB prepaid SIM card rechargeable from the site www.myautobox.com when the SIM card credits are exhausted.

AutoBox also has a MicroSD card reader to store and transport your movies, books or music and share them on multiple devices via Wifi. Outside the car, it can also be used at home or at the hotel via a 220V adapter or a with battery for outdoor use.

Internet in the car, period!

AutoBox is above all a permanent connection to the Internet with its integrated remote modem. The internet connection is shared through wifi inside the car. Each passenger can thus connect his tablet, computer or his smartphone to the internet through wifi.

With AutoBox, you also get a service portal that includes useful services for the travel and entertainment for passengers.


  • WIFI on board
  • Tethering up to 8 devices
  • Local storage
  • Wireless video streaming
  • AutoBox services portal


AutoBox connects to all vehicles and plugs into the cigarette lighter. It is extremely easy to use in multiple cars and you can even lend it.
It is extremely small, smaller than a USB drive, and will fit nicely in your pocket and take with you everywhere.


  • Simple to install
  • In all cars
  • Small size

The AutoBox package comes with a SIM pre-loaded with 200MB of data usage included.
These 200MB are consumable within 3 months of purchase. After consumption of the quota or after the expiration date, you can recharge your account directly on the website myautobox.com (access via the My Account section> recharge my SIM card). These refills are charged in gigabyte and can be used within 3 months.

Alternatively you can also replace the SIM card AutoBox by any other SIM card. AutoBox is not SIM locked and accept SIM cards from all mobile operators.

In the Admin home page and under the Mobile Network secrtion, you can see the data usage statistics. You can simply control your data usage.


  • SIM card included
  • 200 megabytes of data included
  • Not SIM locked (open to all operators)

Example consumption of 1 gigabyte (1 GB)

  • 30 hours of surfing the internet
  • 4 hours of video streaming
  • 700 + emails


Securing your wireless network is a necessary step to prevent malicious use of your wireless network.
The AutoBox router secures the wireless network by using password by the standards of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access).
The AutoBox router setup is done is via a friendly and clear interface.


  • Secure wireless network
  • Easy setup
  • Also supports file sharing


Your wireless network is protected by a password configured by the user to the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) standard.
You can communicate this password to your loved ones, but you can also create a guest password or filter access using MAC equipment to connect.


  • Secure wireless network
  • Guest Access
  • Secure access by MAC address

In the lighter

It's very simple


  • Plugs in 1 second
  • Mobile from one car to another
  • Can be taken anywhere with you

Yes, wherever network coverage allows.

In France, AutoBox is functional throughout with 99.1% of the population covered. AutoBox benefits from a very good reception, better than most smartphones on the market.
In some rural areas, the coverage of an operator may be better than another. AutoBox is not SIM Locked, you are free to take the operator which best suits you.


  • Extensive national coverage
  • Very good reception
  • Not SIM locked (open to all operators)

The mobile telecommunication networks do not allow viewing of videos anywhere without breaking. This is why the AutoBox case accepts a memory card microSD up to 32G (available on our website). This allows you to store content locally on the box and play your videos through wifi and with no connection fees.

You can actually store your own video content via the setup menu of your AutoBox. You just have to connect from your computer to the AutoBox wireless network and drop your content in the menu > files section. Your files will be copied to AutoBox within the available space on the SD card. Your films are then viewable through streaming from a tablet or smartphone connected to the AutoBox wifi network.


  • Video storage in the AutoBox case
  • Video streaming over wifi
  • Accepts any microSD card up to 32GB


AutoBox is compatible with any wireless equipment. You can connect your PC, tablet and smartphone regardless of its brand.


  • Compatible with any Smartphone
  • Supports any tablet
  • Android, iphone, ipad, windows phone, blackberry ...

Under certain conditions

The data roaming that allows your phone plan to be operational abroad is possible, but is generally quite expensive charged by telecom operators.
This is why the roaming is blocked on prepaid data plans AutoBox.

However, when you are abroad, you can subscribe to a service dedicated to your network operator and use it with AutoBox that will work perfectly since it supports all international standards.

You can purchase a pre-paid data plan with a local operator in the country you visit, it comes up very often much cheaper.


  • SIM card included
  • 200 megabytes of data included
  • Not SIM locked (open to all operators)

Le Mot de passe WiFi ne fonctionne pas

Quelques points à vérifier

  • Attention au format : minuscule ou MAJUSCULE
  • Zero ou lettre O : le zéro est allongé, la lettre O est ronde

Retrouver son mot de passe WIFI

  • 1) Je n’ai jamais changé le mot de passe du réseau WIFI.
    Dans ce cas, vous pouvez retrouver le mot de passe d’origine sur le routeur directement. Soulevez le couvercle blanc (sans marquage), le nom du réseau WiFi et le mot de passe sont indiqués dessus
  • 2) J’ai changé et oublié le mot de passe.
    Connectez-vous sur votre routeur à l’adresse http://xyfi.local et vérifiez le mot de passe dans le paramètres WiFi
Vous avez aussi oublié vos identifiants sur de la page d’administration (http://xyfi.local), vous devez alors remettre le routeur à zéro.

Remise à zéro

Si vous avez oublié le mot de passe pour accéder aux pages du routeur, une seule solution: une remise à zéro complete.
  • Branchez votre autobox en maintenant le bouton LED enfoncé
  • Gardez le bouton enfoncé jusqu’à ce que la LED arrête de clignoter (approx. 40s )
  • Votre autobox redémarrera automatiquement
  • Apres le re-demarrage, rendez vous sur http://xyfi.local, vous devrez alors choisir un login et mot de passe et pourrez accéder aux pages d’administrations.

Ma carte SFR ne fonctionne pas

Si vous utilisez une autre carte SFR autre que celle fournie avec votre AutoBox (la mention M2M ne figure pas sur la carte), alors une légère modification des paramètres est nécessaire. Veuillez suivre les étapes suivantes:
  • Branchez AutoBox sur une source d’alimentation et connectez vous à AutoBox en wifi depuis votre ordinateur
  • Connectez-vous à la page d’administration depuis un navigateur internet http://xyfi.local
  • Une fois connecté, rendez-vous dans la section PARAMETRAGE > CONNEXION MOBILE > PARAMETRES RESEAUX MOBILE et changez l’APN. La valeur de l’APN est : websfr
(L'APN par défaut est m2minternet)

Prix conseillés

  • AutoBox AB1 : 99€ ttc.
  • AutoBox AB2 : 119€ ttc.
  • Recharge 1Go : 15€ ttc. (réseau SFR, valable pdt 3 mois)
  • Recharge 3Go : 35€ ttc. (réseau SFR, valable pdt 3 mois)
(AutoBox accepte toutes les cartes SIM de tous les opérateurs en France et à l'étranger. Vous pouvez également demander une carte jumelle ou multi-SIM et utiliser AutoBox sans surcoût)

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